Review Requests & Policies

The Opinionated Me is comprised of two bloggers. Morrigan and Mapachitli. Morrigan has been an Amazon Vine member since late 2008 and a reviewer for many more years before that. Mapachitli is a reviewer specializing in graphic novels. The Opinionated Me reviews a variety of items: from electronics to books to movies. Book reviews are published in this blog as well as through each blogger's independent Amazon and Goodreads accounts. 

Morrigan publishes her reviews on:, and this blog

Authors are welcome to request a review of your book, participate in a guest post or an interview. If you would like to request a review your book (or other product), please follow the guidelines below. Guest Post guidelines are also listed below. 

Review Guidelines

  1. Contact us by e-mail at 
  2. Paper and ebooks are accepted for review. If you are sending an ebook, please let us know first. The email for the ebooks is Please, do ask in advance to see if we prefer ebook or paperback. Print books get reviewed faster because we can see them daily on our coffee table yelling at us to read them. e-books are more out of sight and are at the bottom of our reading list. 
  3. We will publish reviews on and this blog .
  4. We are not tied in to a specific genre. 
  5. All reviews are final. We will never ever ever ever delete negative reviews, so don't even ask.
  6. Do not ask us to send you a copy or link of the review when we am done. Just check back here.
  7. P.S. Morrigan loves all things zombie! If you send her a book or story about zombies, chances are that it will jump at the top of the to read list. Dystopia also very welcomed.

Guidelines for Guest Posts

We really like hosting guest post. It's a good way to get to know the author. We specialy like these when our review backlog is monumental. See below for the guidelines. 

1.  It is preferable if you send me the html code for the post already done in a Word Doc. Not an html file. I repeat, do NOT send me an html file.

2. You can write a guest post on any of the following topics. Choose one and make it your own. 
  • Topic of your choosing 
  • What inspired you to write this book?
  • Describe your writing space (include a picture please) 
  • Describe your main character 
  • Post promoting the book 
  • World building
  • Excerpt of the book
3. Please include a picture of the author or other image and book cover. 
4. Short bio. Please include links to twitter, blog, website, facebook, linkedin and any other social media site. 
5. A giveaway is highly encouraged. Please let me know what is included in the giveaway if you want to participate in one.  There are guidelines for giveaways below.

If you are interested, let me know so we can forward you more information. 

If you would like to me to host a giveaway of your book, please email us with the details and the duration.The guidelines for the giveaways are as follows:

1. You will set up the giveaway through Rafflecopter. 
2. You will choose the winner. 
3. You will send the winner their prize. 
4. You can run the same giveaway in however many websites you want. 

Between RL work, the blog, reading and reviewing, I do not have time to keep track of giveaway, selecting a winner and making sure they get their prize. That is why I am asking authors, publishers, marketers, etc. to handle this part. And, as I see it, you can use the same giveaway in several websites. 

Track our progress
If you want to know which book(s) we are currently reading and which we have read (and are awaiting review), check the right pane or check me out on Goodreads. We update it frequently. The To-be-read shelf is not in any specific order. We pick whatever I feel like reading at the time.


*Updated 02/25/2014