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Morrigan Alexandros

Skydiving rocks. 

Morrigan Alexandros was born in the land of surf and sun. She hails from the great gods and goddesses of yore and is all powerful. Seriously, do not smite her!

She started reading at an early age and read everything in sight. Even the Disney encyclopedias. What a dork! She then discovered that she loved giving out her unsolicited opinions and has been writing reviews for over 10 years (1999 or so). She is not ancient, I swear! There was internet back then! Her interests are varied and she does not stick to one genre. Faves are: zombies, YA, Spanish Literature, action/thrillers and everything in between.

Favorite books: Harry Potter, Hunger GamesOne Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquéz (we refuse to link anything other than the Spanish version because the English translation is not good).

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To come.

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