Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Tech Review: iLuv MobiAria NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Speaker with USB Charging Port

iLuv MobiAria NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Speaker

Rating: 5/5 Stars

I have had a few Bluetooth Speakers and I love them. The ease of streaming from your phone, or iPad. Can't get easier than that.

The iLuv is a nice looking and compact Bluetooth speaker that has amazing sound. Really good sound.

This was a simple installation process. It wasn't as simple as ... say my Panasonic Speaker System. But, simple enough. Pairing took less than 3 minutes using my iPhone. The buttons have a touch interface. So, even if you don't think they are actually buttons, they are.

The sound quality is excellent. It just sounds perfect. The bass in this device makes the music sound great and it is loud. Great volume.

This device plugs into your iPhone (or other idevices) and streams a variety of apps. Music, Pandora, native and new YouTube and the sort. But, I always like to explore what else it can play. It can play ABC, Netflix, TNT, TBS, Ustream , NPR, etc. the only thing it does not work with is the phone call itself. So, no speaker phone.

The speaker looks great. It is a great compact size that you can put on a mantle or any surface. It is a great footprint for the sound volume and quality. It just plugs in perfectly into your streaming life. It looks stylish enough that you can have it out for display. Won't mess up the aesthetics too much.

Simple installation process. Amazing sound, great quality, loud volume. You can also control volume with your phone. No remote. Recommended.

*Sample provided for review.

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