Sunday, March 16, 2014

Book Review: Not Quite Enough by Catherine Bybee

Not Quite Enough (Not Quite, #3)Not Quite Enough by Catherine Bybee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really like books by Catherine Bybee. They are well written and they have romance, action and adventure. Moreover, they do not drip sappiness and are more down to earth. It is easy to get lost in her books. This one does not disappoint. Monica Mann is an ER nurse. After a massive earthquake hits Jamaica, she volunteers for Borderless Nurses to aid in the rescue effort. She is a great character, cool under pressure and dedicated to her job. And, she doesn't take crap from anyone. Monica is a strong character that is very compelling and you just have to root for her. Trent, on the other hand, is handsome pilot with a chip on his shoulder. He is moody, Alpha male and tends to get jealous - this got old, fast. Trent is tasked with flying Monica to a clinic in Jamaica. Sparks fly and eventually they get together. But, another earthquake hits and they find themselves fighting for their lives, and growing closer together. Twists and turns and external circumstances keep intervening in this great story.

The beginning of the story was not that well presented, as I didn't think she quite set up their encounters all that well. They went from "hey!" to "I want to jump his bones" in 60 seconds.  Regardless, I really liked this story. It had so much in it! Bybee was able to write a great book that was full of adventure, action, disaster, heartbreak and even legal action! She doesn't shy away from the gruesome details of a natural disaster and kept things real and down to earth. You have to appreciate that as she didn't try to put a tidy bow on everything. I liked the dialogue and the narration. It was well crafted and I found myself chuckling. And I often read myself reading past my bedtime, like 2-3 hour past my bedtime! Highly recommended.

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