Sunday, February 23, 2014

Book Review: One Wild Night (Forever Wild, #1)

One Wild Night (Forever Wild, #1)One Wild Night by Magan Vernon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Valerie Wilder wakes up in her hotel room in Vegas with a naked man next to her. He is naked, gorgeous and wait...isn't he the male stripper that she crowned "Hot Abs" the night before? Well, he is indeed. She can deal with the one night stand, but then she learns that they are married! Things get complicated as she learns she can't get a quickie divorce so she decides to take him with her back to Chicago to get everything settled. This is the first installment in a serial.

I did not like this book. The male character wasn't very likable. He married her because she thought she had money ... and admitted her! The female character is a curvy woman with self esteem issues that accepts that men only want her for sex and not for her.

The writing wasn't very good and the plot was somewhat implausible. The author seems to ignore the fact that the characters can get an annulment (remember Britney Spears and her quick annulment?). This is pretty much public knowledge considering such famous examples. Another issue I have is ... who takes home to stay with you a man you do not even know just so you can have a divorce done? Really?!


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