Thursday, February 20, 2014

Book Review: Every Day by David Levithan

Every DayEvery Day by David Levithan
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Never wakes up in the same body. Every day is different. Until that one day when he/she/it meets the person that makes everything different.

A has lived and interesting life. Every morning she wakes up in the body of a new person. He/she/it can access that person's memory and live the day as best he/she/it can. But, one day she meets someone special, someone he/she/it loves. How to keep going? How to carry on a relationship when every day you are a different person? How to love when you can't promise anything?

This is just so depressing. I am actually sad right now. Really sad. This book was amazing in the depth of emotion it was able to convey. The book is written in short segments summarizing each of A's days. But each one displays so much emotion, so much understanding about the human race that it breaks your heart. Although it sometimes feels sanctimonious, it touches every single one of the things I believe in. Every single one. Yet, it feels sanctimonious? I guess some of us don't like to be told what we think of or believe i, even if it is 100% in line with us. But the book is only sanctimonious in its message that love is love; life is life; live and let live and people are people; do not judge. These are all the things my strong liberal heart believes in, I still didn't like being told. Childish I know. Even if the 'lecture' came from a well meaning person that has lived a lot in a short time.

Read it. Please. It is heartbreaking and well written. In a few short sentences the author was able to convey a wealth of moral awareness and emotion that is sometimes missing in books four times its size.

Get it!

This is a beautiful book.

*Note: I received this book from Amazon for the purpose of a review.

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