Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Graphic Novel Review: Sheltered Volume 1 TP by Ed Brisson

Sheltered Volume 1 TPSheltered Volume 1 TP by Ed Brisson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have read tons of post-apocalyptic books but very few pre-apocalyptic ones. I recently read Gated by Amy Christine Parker and that book was all about drinking the kool-aid and the dangers of blindly believing and following a charismatic (and psychotic) leader. This graphic novel has a similar theme, except for the fact that the kids are the ones in charge (very Lord of the Flies) and the adults have been dealt with. The charismatic leader is Lucas, a boy of an undisclosed age, who is firmly set in the mentality of ‘the world is ending, everyone else is an enemy and everything and everyone must be sacrificed in order to survive.’ And the graphic novel conveys well that lunatic gleam in his eyes in both dialogue and art.

The story is ok and interesting. But, it is a bit hard to believe. All these kids just followed along doing the unthinkable because Lucas told them to? No proof? No questioning? At least the leader in ‘Gated’ offered better ‘proof’ even if tampered and faked.

It is an interesting premise. I might check out the next volume. After you get past the unbelievable you enjoy the story. But, there are a lot of plot holes in the story that are never addressed and just brushed aside.

The art is good, it is gritty and stark, just like the story.

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