Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Review: Come a Little Bit Closer by Bella Andre

Come A Little Bit Closer (The Sullivans, #7)Come A Little Bit Closer by Bella Andre
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Sullivan Series follows the members of the Sullivan family. In ‘Come a Little Bit Closer’ we get to the story of Smith, the movie actor. He meets Valentina, the sister and business manager of his latest costar. Sparks fly but, as usual, a lot of self doubt gets in the way. Smith is too busy and Valentina has hang-ups since her mother is a serial dater and that has made Valentina wary of actors.

I thought I had finally found another non-insta love books with the Sullivans (the others being the story of Ryan and Vicki in ‘Let me be the one’ and Sophie and Jake in ‘I only have eyes for you’). Alas!, not quite. Bella Andre gives these two characters great sizzling chemistry. The story is ok but the chemistry is great. All was going great until the end when the period of time for their relationship was disclosed as (SPOILER: 1 month). I am just getting tired of the insta-love books.

Bella Andre’s books are pretty formulaic and predictable. I have read most of them and they are all the same. There is nothing new nor a fresh take on something old. Regardless, these are still enjoyable reads.

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