Saturday, December 07, 2013

Tech Review: Simple Audio Go Compact Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

I have a Panasonic Wireless Speaker which is my main speaker in my living room (it works great). In my room, I have a Belkin Bluetooth HD Music Receiver and it works horribly (don't ever get this).  But, sometimes, you need something you can just grab and go for your backyard or the kitchen.

I love everything about this speaker.

See my hand in comparison to the speaker. It's that small.
Let's start with the SIZE: This speaker is the length and width size of my iPhone. It is the perfect size. The depth is half of the iPhone upright. The speaker has to grip strips at the bottom so that it won't slide off easily. It will stay in place if slightly nudged. I really like this feature.

PAIRING: Pairing took seconds. It was very simple and my phone recognized it immediately (look for 'Go' in the list). The speaker has a flickering blue light and accompanying sound when in pairing mode. Just hold the top button for 3 seconds to put it in pairing mode.

ACCESSORIES: The speaker comes with a 3.5mm audio cable, AC charging adapter and USB cable. It also comes with a carrying case.

Actual size comparison.
SOUND: Wow. This speaker system pounds amazing. When I first turned it on I had to lower the volume. The sound quality is very good. It is not a Bose system and doesn't have great base but it works great if your intended use is a grab and go speaker. This is great for outside for carrying it around the house.

SPEAKERPHONE: I was listening to music when it suddenly stopped. I had a call! I had forgotten this had a speakerphone. The sound was clear and the caller said she could hear me well and without any interference. I tried the feature with other callers and it sounded great. This is a great plus. Especially if you don't remember where you put your phone because you have been listening to music through the speaker for the last 2 hours whilst cleaning.

BATTERY LIFE: The specs state that it lasts 8 hours on one charge and it does. I used the speakers for 3 days (for a total of about 8 hours). This is great. The speaker has a flickering red light when the battery is draining. Also, I can see the battery life on my iPhone next to the Bluetooth symbol.

RANGE: I didn't quite measure it but the sounds started cutting off after 3 rooms. So, I would say 25 to 30 ft or so. I will update this once I measure.

PACKAGING: The speaker comes in a very well done box. It actually looks cool.

This has quickly become my main speaker. I have started ignoring my Panasonic Speaker in favor of this one. It just sounds better! I can't believe it actually sounds better than the Panasonic speaker which is a lot bigger. A lot. But it does. Further, I can just grab it and keep going. It is so easy to carry around, fits in your hand and sounds great. The battery lasts a long time and it is easy to recharge overnight. I love absolutely everything about this speaker. I have been using it to listen to audio books and music as I do work or clean. If I move rooms, I just grab the speaker and take it with me. I have literally forgotten where I put my phone because I can just take the call on the speaker. I highly recommend this. I haven't been so excited about a product in a long time. I haven't given an electronic product 5 stars in a long time and I am happy to break the trend. This is a great product.

This is a great gift for the holidays. And it's a hundred bucks. This is a great speaker at a good price.

*I received this complimentary item for the purpose of a review as part of Amazon Vine. 

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