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Book Review: The Look of Love by Bella Andre

The Look of Love (The Sullivans) by Bella Andre
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a knight in shining armor comes across distressed female and saves her kind of story.

This is the first volume of the Sullivan Brother's series. Chase Sullivan, famous photographer comes across a car stuck in a ditch, and its driver, Chloe Peterson, walking outside in the rain. What is the dashing male hero to do? He takes her to his brother's guesthouse (in his broker winery) and figure out what her problems are and how he can fix them.

Chloe has been burned in love and she hesitantly accepts Chase's help. When he find her, she is sporting a nasty bruise on her face courtesy of her ex. Chloe stays in the guesthouse, hey! why not?, and they proceed to fall into insta-love. I mean, they were all googly eyes and fighting 'feelings' within the first 24 hours. The insta-love is downright absurd in thsi book. When the male character states that he has been waiting a long time to kiss Chloe, I rolled my eyes. He had to wait a whole 24 hours. Gasp!

The book is an entertaining read and I enjoyed it. It has likable characters that are not overly whiny. The book are very predictable and follows the formula of man saves girl, they fall in love in 24 hours and BANG! Literally. It is also largely unrealistic and cartoonish at times (re the antagonist). The writing is not the best and Bella Andre tends to be repetitive with her phrases. But, the writing does not detract from the story. The conflict is largely internal with lack of communication and 'fighting love.' I think Andre wasted a big opportunity to add more conflict and action to this story as the external conflict occurs and in solved in less than ten pages.

These books do not have the best writing, or the best fleshed out books. The point is really to spend a good afternoon with a romance book to take your mind off things. I have enjoyed Bella Andre's books in the past but there is just something so ... oh, I don't know ... juvenile? when you reference Bella and Edward in a steamy scene. Really?

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