Monday, November 04, 2013

 Bound By Her Ring
 by Nicole Flockton
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have so many issues with this book, I do not know where to start.

Jasmine was in a car accident and has amnesia. She has lost all memory of the last year of her life. She knows she is married because there are rings in her fingers but she does not know to whom. And no one know either, or they won't tell her. Lukas is the idiot she is married to and over some imagined slight is seeking revenge. He comes back to reclaim his wife and get revenge or something or other.

I love amnesia stories but this one sucked. There are many issues and plot holes in the story, coupled with cardboard characters and an annoying male protagonist.

Let's start with the issues in the timeline. Even after finishing the book, I have no idea how long it has been since Jasmine was in the car accident, how long she was in the hospital or anything. At certain points of the story she says it has been weeks and others months. There is no clear answer.

The next issue is Jasmine. She was a doormat who did everything the males in her life told her to do. She has no backbone and the entirety of the book I wanted to tell her to stand up to one of the idiots. When Lukas, her alleged husband, mandates that she go on a trip to somewhere with her, she does just that. Who goes on a trip with someone that claims to be your husband without actually verifying if this is in fact correct? He can be a serial killer, could have been abusive, etc.... This part is completely unbelievable.

The inconsistencies in this book keep piling up. At one point Lukas ponders that "... he'd know she was faking her amnesia. And if she was faking it then she was a remarkable actress, she'd fooled many of her friends with her memory loss." How does he know? We get an entire paragraph a few pages prior as to how she questioned her friends and no one knew who she was dating. Yet, he knows what her friends think? This book had more holes than a colander.

Issue: Lukas. He behaves like the alpha of all alphas mandating and dictating. I would have left. Half of the things he accuses her off do not even make sense. He can't see past his Alpha male pride to think rationally. The thing he is seeking revenge for could have been fixed with a nice Q&A of like 5 minutes and a visit to the doctor.

And then, as if Lukas' jackass behavior wasn't enough, he goes ahead and blames her for getting amnesia. Yep, it was her fault she got amnesia, never mind she hit her head and went through a traumatic event. If she had just loved him enough, she would have remembered. -_- No words...

The book was not enjoyable. I was not rooting for these too. I thought Jasmine was way too good for Lukas and was hoping she'd grow a backbone and hit him over the head with a heavy book. Let's see if he gets amnesia. The book has to many plot holes, characters that are too stocky and uni-dimensional. Pass.

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