Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Review: What The Bride Didn't Know by Kelly Hunter

What the Bride Didn't Know (The West Family)
 by Kelly Hunter
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lena is a hard core intelligence agent who was gravely wounded and has managed to get get to a manageable physical state through a lot of physical therapy. Now, she is out to find her brother (another intelligence agent) to show him she is alive and well. That is, is childhood friend (another intelligence agent), secret love of her life Trig doesn't stop her first. During their search for her brother in Turkey, they have several mishaps leading to a lot of confusion, misrepresentations and steaminess.

I liked this story. It had a nice romance, great scenes and great characters. The characters were well developed and engaging. Their story was also engaging, what there was of it. Although I liked the story there were a lot of issues with the book. The biggest one was how rushed the story felt. During certain parts of the narration, it felt as if the author couldn't wait to get on with her story and get to the end and she skipped ahead, summarizing some parts with 2-3 lines. It often felt rushed. At one point I though I missed out on a few pages and went back. Nope.

The secondary characters were often merely mentioned, and at other times as a means to get from A to B. The story was good but, I think it would have benefited from better editing and some more fleshing out of the story, as well as a better presence of all the secondary characters.

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*Note: This book was received for free from NetGalley for purposes of a review. 

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