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Book Review: An English Bride in Scotland by Lynsay Sands

An English Bride in ScotlandAn English Bride in Scotland by Lynsay Sands
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Annabel is an oblate, a girl raised in a convent who is to become a nun. Imagine her surprise when her mother shows up without warning and takes her home. Why? Her older sister has run off with the stable boy's son and Annabel now has to marry a Scottish laird to fulfill a contract. Annabel has a new husband to deal with, someone is out to do her harm and she has no idea how to run a household. She has her hands full, to bad she keeps getting hit in the head and zonking out.

Was this book satire? I really cannot tell. Some things were so ludicrous that I was flabbergasted.

The characters. The male character, Ross MacKay, is roguishly handsome, brave, respectful and very protective of Annabel. He truly wants the best for her. He was the one good thing about the book (with some caveats, more on this later). Annabel was a twit. Plain and simple. There is someone that wants to do you harm, and what do you do? You venture out alone. Half the time I wanted to shake some sense into her. The characters also present with quite the contradictions. Annabel, raised in a convent since age 7, is very blasé about strutting naked in front of her husband one minute and shy about it the next.

Half the plot was spent fluff. Annabel has nothing to wear because she has a large bosom and they have to mend clothes that can fit her. This is a quarter of the book. Another quarter is spent with the characters knocked out. Five characters get knocked out throughout this book. One of them three times. Guess who it is.

The Scottish dialect. This killed the book for me. The author just went overboard with it. It was over the top, exaggerated and overkill. BTW, 'ken' means 'know'.

SPOILERS. And then the quote that just made me cringe (it's early in the book.)

Annabel: "Twas kind of you to spare me that way [first time sex]...... I am very fortunate woman to have a husband as considerate as you."
 Yes. Very fortunate that he got you to drink so much mead that you passed out and that you can't remember anything. ahhhhhhhhhh

This book was boring, the plot and danger was idiotic. I wish I could have those hours back.

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