Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gadget Review: Moshi Moonrock In-Ear Headphones

I have had many headphones of several brands and types. I prefer n ear headphones and to this day I still prefer apple's in ear headphones. Simple, functional, good sound and won't fall of your ear.

I was really excited to receive these headphones. The are cool looking, stylish, have a great case and are my favorite color (red). With past headphones, my main complaint has always been that they don't fit your ears well and just fall off as you awe trying to excercise. This is still the case with these headphones and still a complaint. These headphones fit my ears the best in comparison to the several other sets I have had. Bit they are not good for exercise, my main use. They just fall off my ears as I am running, or in the elliptical.

For regular use, these are good headphones that block out noise and give you a nice sound experience.

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