Friday, August 09, 2013

Gadget Review: Belkin Bluetooth HD Music Receiver

Rating: Skip

When I first received this receiver I was very excited. I have been looking for something just like this for my stereo. I connected the receiver to my Panasonic stereo. Connection was a breeze. I connected both my iPad and iPhone (at different times) to the receiver. Both apple devices recognized the Belkin product through Bluetooth immediately. There were no buttons to press other than the Bluetooth settings on the iPhone and iPad. It works with all the apps.

The audio quality is excellent and the range of the receiver is great. I walked all over my apartment (a little over 1,000 square feet) and the backyard and there was no interruption.

The problem I have with the receiver is that the audio cuts out a lot. Within 30 minutes the audio had cut off with both the iPhone and iPad. I hit reconnect and nothing happens. My settings says it is still connected but no audio comes out. I have to restart the Bluetooth settings for the receiver to restart the audio. This is a huge flaw as it quickly became quite bothersome to continually restart settings just to keep the audio going. I was very frustrated by the end of the first day. I wonder if this is a result of an incompatibility with apple products. I would like to read some reviews about people's experiences with an android device and this receiver.

Update: 7/3/2013 I have been using this device for over 4 months and it still cuts out after 30 mins or so. I have not found anyway to fix it whatsoever. It cuts out with all my apple devices. This leads me to believe that this item has a big connectivity issue with either apple items or the Bluetooth. The device itself is the one that had the issue and not the apple product because I am able to use similar products with my iPhone (have a [[ASIN:B00BAOX6EC Panasonic SC-NE1 Compact Wireless Speaker System with Bluetooth]] in my living room) and they all work perfectly for hours and hours, never cutting out. I have decreased the rating from3 to 2 stars.

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