Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review: The Pulse by Patrick Carman

Pulse (Pulse, #1)Pulse by Patrick Carman
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The year. 2051. Dystopian world. Cause. Environmental kaputz. People stay in dome like states in order to safeguard the earth, or something along those lines. The book was rather vague into all the world building. We only get the gist at the end, all neatly tied in a few pages. Faith is special because she can move things with her mind. There are bad people in the world. Dylan is a boy that helps her discover her powers and her mission. Blah.

I had high hopes for this book. It had received great buzz in many of the book blogs and it had a great media campaign. It was a dystopian book, right up my alley. Well....You know how you sometimes can't put down a book? Well, this wansn't it. I couldn't stop putting this down. I had to force myself to finish it. This book was so dull and boring, full of two dimentional character who are suddenly the most important people ever. Yawn.

The writing....Lemony Snickett's books have more mature writing than this. (i loved those books.) But, those are for kids, you may say. Well...that should tell you something. Let me put it this way, the world building, characterization, show of emotions is done mostly by the author, Patrick Carman, telling you ...no, spelling it out for you: Faith is sad, but she doesn't know it is about to get worse. Faith was scared, little did she know things were about to get worse. And so on. This is not a young adult book, it is barely a middle school one, 6th grade reading level. Actually, this is way below a 6th grader's level.

The characters. As mentioned, they were two dimentional, never fully developed characters that did things just because. We are never really treated to their motivations, (except when specifically spelled out by the author) and sometimes they just show up doing things and we have no context as to how they got there (Hawk at the end, anyone?)

The plot. I am still not sure what the motivations behind the antagonists are, other than anarchy. The plot was vague and crumbly.

I really disliked this book and except for the random good one liner,it had no other redeeming qualities. I did not like the characters, I didn't care for them, nor was I invested in their future. They were mere shadows of what mediocre characters should be. Pass on this. Really. Don't waste your time.

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