Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back from Hiatus

Dear readers, publishers, reviewers, authors, etc...

I want to apologize for the hiatus we had. I had a personal emergency that lasted quite a while. My mother was extremely ill and it took all of my time and effort to take care of her at the hospital (over half a year there). It was challenging.

But, now we are back. Our other reviewer was traveling and now she is back.

We are in the process of responding to several emails, getting out literary magazine back in order and getting a 3rd reviewer for our site. Bear with us. The emails have been numerous and I apologize for not responding to a single one of them. I just did not have the time. My concerns were sleeping and taking care of my mother.

I appreciate the emails inquiring about the site and your patience. Now, BACK TO WORK!!!

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