Thursday, November 15, 2012

Update: News and Changes

We continue to change things here at The Opinionated Me. We do this in an effort to do better by our readers and featured authors. I want to recap a few of the recent changes that have occurred. The Opinionated Me is now comprised of 2 bloggers: Morrigan and Mapachitli. Mapachitli and I have been RL friends for many years and we work well together. I wanted to bring her in to introduce you all to her wit and great posts. She concentrates on graphic novels, nonfiction, political, and anything remotely witty.

The second update is an addition to the Review Policies and Guidelines. Guest Posts are now an essential and frequent part of this blog. I have put up the guest post guidelines in the Guidelines section.

The third update is the most exciting one and it truly deserves its own post. So, that is scheduled for a reveal on Friday.

Thank you for bearing with us with all the new and exciting changes.

And now...... a magic trick! Cause...just cause!

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