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Guest Post: Wright for America by Robin Lamont

Today we are hosting Robin Lamont at The Opinionated Me. She is the author of Wright for America and she has written a post in which she talks about her main character. Her book is likely to be reviewed by Mapachitli soon. So, stay tuned! The giveaway for this book is at the end of the post. I have embedded below a video from Godspell, of which Robin was part off. Enjoy!


Guest Post by Robin Lamont

I didn’t set out to create an autobiographical heroine. But recalling my days as a struggling actress moonlighting as an undercover private investigator, the opportunities for fun and intrigue were just too great to pass up.

Thus Maren Garrity was born. In Wright for America, Maren is trying to make her mark on the New York stage. (As did I.) But when she finds work, it’s always as the sidekick, never the leading lady. (I did get a leading role once – as Sandy in Grease.) To make ends meet, she works for a PI firm that specializing in anti-counterfeiting. The boss at the firm hires actors part time to take on different roles as big time buyers, trying to work their way up the chain to the real “bad guys” who are manufacturing the counterfeits. (For eight years I worked at a PI firm that operated out of hole-in-the-wall on the lower east side of Manhattan.) But one day when the venomous rantings of Pryor Wright, an ultra-conservative radio host, catch Maren’s twin brother in the crossfire, she enlists a troupe of fellow unemployed actors to pursue her own style of justice. (Similarity ends here.)

Maren’s first step is to go undercover at the radio station as a zealous right-wing intern. At the same time, she’s in the middle of working with the PI firm on an undercover sting targeting a shady seller of counterfeit handbags. Thank goodness, I never had to juggle two undercover roles simultaneously since it has the potential for getting a girl into some deep hot water!

The challenge in Wright for America was in keeping Maren’s worlds plausible for the reader, when in fact, some of things we did as undercover operatives were unbelievable. One time I found myself chasing a Korean vendor of counterfeit Rolex watches into the underground recesses of the gritty shops along Canal Street – all the while trying to keep rat droppings off my hair and my pink sweater. Later that afternoon I had an audition for a national thirty-second spot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, and I knew that rat droppings
wouldn’t go over so well on a cheerful suburban mom fixing her kids’ breakfast. I didn’t get the Korean vendor or the commercial!

Maren’s escapades, in truth, far outpace mine. But the characters she meets, from an unsavory Turkish gun merchant to her enthusiastic, zany actor-friends to the earnest, all-American FBI agent for whom she falls, are all drawn from experience. It has been with great delight that I’ve been able to bring them to life as an author – and even greater satisfaction to cast Maren Garrity as the leading lady.

Author Bio: Robin Lamont
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Born in Boston and raised in Brooklyn, Robin aspired from an early age to be an actress. As a sophomore in Carnegie-Mellon’s specialized drama program she was cast in a school production of a musical based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew called Godspell. Robin stayed with the production as it began its long and successful run, moving with the show from off-Broadway to Broadway and finally to the movie screen. Her original cast recording of “Day by Day” and her film version of the song have drawn fans from around the world. She went on to star as Sandy in the Broadway musical Grease and later appeared again on Broadway in Working, in which she sang James Taylor’s heart wrenching song Millwork.

As her “day” job, she signed on with a private investigations firm in Manhattan that hired actors to work undercover to ferret out major producers of counterfeit products. After several years, she became the company’s Director of Operations, running nationwide anti-counterfeiting programs for a number of intellectual property law firms. During that time, she attended Pace Law School and graduated cum laude while also winning the New York Trial Attorneys Award. She practiced as an Assistant District Attorney in Westchester County for eight years, spending much of her legal career in the county’s criminal courts and with the Special Litigations Unit. She lives in Westchester County, New York with her family.

Wright For America Giveaway!

Wright for America, which will be published in October 2012, is a biting political satire and a fiercely funny detective story.  It is about the power and abuses of talk radio. The plot features an actress who moonlights as an undercover privateinvestigator. When the rantings of a right-wing talk show host inspire a hate crime that critically injures her brother, she decides to fight back using her troupe of actor friends. What follows is akin to a Shakespearean farce, complete with false identities and hidden agendas. The book is a rollicking entertaining read and offers a dose of social consciousness.

To research and make the writing realistic, Lamont listened to hours of right wing radio, intently following and researching the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck. In the end, she created the ultimate voice of right wing radio, a primetime huckster whoseslurs and wild accusations fired at the liberal left convince fans that he is the picture of patriotism.  The novel inspires questions such as: When does spin become outright lying? And, how does hate-filled name calling in public damage our country and our democracy?

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