Monday, September 17, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway: Chocolate Chocolate Moons by Jackie Kingon

Hello Boys & Girls, today's guest post comes from Kackie Kingon. Her last name makes me think of Star Strek!


Chocolate Chocolate Moons by Jackie Kingon

CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE MOONS is a cozy humorous mystery that spoofs dieting and art in the future.
        When 287 pound Molly Marbles steps on the Moon to attend Armstrong University her weight instantly drops to 47.6. When her favorite candy Chocolate Moons are found poisoned she vows to solve the crime-and does. She also discovers a delicious antidote in a place where copies of art sell more than the originals.
      This light-hearted book was written  for myself as I had not had a vacation in a few years and no vacation was in sight. I also loved light science fiction so I set it "off planet". I am and have been a professional artist for over twenty five years and I know a lot about the art world. Three watercolors are in the Estee Lauder collection. I needed a break from the marketing of art-not the painting which I love. Now I find I love the writing and the marketing of writing is the same as marketing art. Oh well. I should have known.
    I write from my home in Bronxville, NY, a suburb a half hour north of Manhattan. I have never been as heavy as Molly, my protagonist but I once worked in the south Bronx, a difficult inner city neighborhood as a teacher, with a good friend who inspired the character. She was funny and smart and over two hundred pounds.

Jackie Kingon is a teacher, writer and artist. She has a Masters degree from Columbia University Teachers College in New York City, BA from Lesley University, Cambridge MA and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she won the outstanding student award. Her humorous futuristic novel, Chocolate Chocolate Moons, has just been completed. Jackie Kingon lives with her husband in Bronxville, NY.

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