Monday, September 03, 2012

Book Review: The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson

The Lost Code (The Atlanteans, #1)The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Lost Code is about about an entirely plausible future. One in which the ozone layer has been depleted, humans live in glass domes and venturing outsides means UV poisoning.

Owen lives underground and he has won a chance to go to a camp (domed), Camp Eden, where he can be outside and experience ‘nature’. It is a great opportunity. During his first time at the lake he drowns. He is under water for over 10 minutes and this is when things start to get strange. Owen is part of a lost race, the Atlanteans, and it is up to him to discover the secrets in his past to save himself and the world.

We have gills now!

This book reminded me a lot of The Maze Runner. There was that subdued intensity where things were in a lull for a while and then picked up. The premise of the book was interesting and I appreciated the global warming angle. The book builds a world that is entirely plausible. We already have holes in the ozone layer!

The world building is pretty good and gives good depictions of Owen’s life. The author does not describe his characters as well as he does the world they live in. Some characters are two dimensional and then others act out of character at the end (very conveniently).

This is a great description of the 'vehicle' in the book. LOL!

Overall, this was an interesting read. I was hooked on the plot and I read the book very quickly. The plot is not super fast but it kept me interested. It was also predictable. I could see the next plot twist a mile away. It was pretty obvious how the events were going to proceed.

This book is for Middle School and up and boys will likely enjoy it.

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