Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book Review: Silver by Rhiannon Held

SilverSilver by Rhiannon Held
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Silver is a werewolf that can no longer change into a wolf because she has been tortured and solver injected into her veins. Andrew Dare is an enforcer for a werewolf pack. When Andrew catches the scent of Silver, who is on the run, he becomes determined to return her where she belongs. This quickly turns into a “I must be your hero and protect you” and “I fell in love with you in 1 week flat.” Basically, the regular YA must-fall-in-love-quickly stories.

The book was just boring and the writing was less than stellar. The characters are all firmly set into the unidimensional stage and they all refuse to budge. Many of the main characters are boring and the ones that were somewhat interesting were delegated to barely-mentioned supporting roles.

The action and the romance seemed forced and too unbelievable (yes, even in a book about werewolves) because the characters seemed to have very little in common to even be attracted to each other. The chemistry just wasn’t there. The book was also very boring and all the characters seemed to be able to do was to be in constant motion, be it driving, walking, chasing, etc.

This book was a let down and it was not that well written. Throughout the book we get gems like the this:

"The pilot, either the guy Laurence knew, or a guy that guy knew, made no comment." How about we just say... “The pilot”  and leave it at that?

I also stumbled upon:
"We are none of us outside of the world." How is this supposed to be a stand alone sentence or even grammatically correct?

If you get easily distracted by bad grammar or bad sentence construction, do not read this book.

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