Thursday, April 05, 2012

Tech Review: Standzfree Stand for iPad

Well.. there isn't much to say about this stand. The Standzfree is a pretty good stand. It is super easy to assemble and a good height if you are in your sofa and want to watch a show in your iPad. I usually watch the Daily Show in the mornings while doing my makeup and I usually prop it on a shelf. I thought this would be a good alternative for the shelve. But, it isn't the stand is not high enough to be eye level. It reaches up to my stomach. It is not tall enough for most things.

I plan to use it for watching shows on my couch. The stand is heavy (6-7 pounds) and the base is wide so it may be hard to fit into tight spaces.

Overall, a good stand (adjustable) with a few drawbacks (weight and height). Another drawback is that it is a bit wobbly. If you are using your iPad whilst in teh stand, make sure to grab it with both hands as the stand wobbles. 

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