Monday, April 02, 2012

Tech Review Pogo Series 4: Setting up your very own cloud

We live in a mobile friendly world. We enough files, photos, music and movie files to fill several hard drives. We have important files to which we need access at a moment's notice. We just want access to our music all the time. But, we have a finite storage capacity in our phone, laptop and tablet. What are the options? You may have considered backing up everything through a Cloud Backup of sorts, but...that could be expensive. The Pogo Series is a really good alternative. 

I have 2 external hard drives, several SD cards and thumb drives. One hard drive is a back up to my computer. The other hard drive is a back up to my external hard drive backup. Yes. I am VERY paranoid. I have had several laptops pop up the blue screen of death. I have experience with others just dying, breaking, snapping and going kaput. I backup and I backup. I use Google Docs and One Note more than anything because of the instant auto save. I no longer trust Word to keep my documents save (not after losing a 10 page final paper during my senior year of college).  

Yes, I have learned to rely on external backup. But, it is quite annoying to need a file when you are 45 miles from home and not being able to access it because you have it on your external hard drive and not your computer. Queue in Pogo. 

The Pogo Device is a great idea for accessing your files remotely whilst keeping them in a somewhat safe physical location (your home or office hard drive). In other words, you can have your very own Cloud.

Setup: It could not have been simpler. This is almost a Plug & Play Device. You just have to set up an account with Pogo (free).

How it works: You connect your storage devices to the Pogo. It acceps External Hard Drives, SD Cards, USB drives...basically, storage devices that can connect through the ports it has (SD x 1, USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 1, SATA/USM x 1). You can access all of them remotely through the Internet. You can access through an iPad app or your computer. You can also access your data through your phone.

Why is this a good alternative?

When I bought my new laptop, I did not load the entire backup into it. Instead, I am keeping it rather lean and not using up a lot of memory to store files. I use the memory to install the programs I need. So, this is a really good alternative to access your documents from everywhere.

But, there are a few things that need to be worked out. First, Pogo needs maintenance. Do not expect your files to be available after not touching the Pogo device (or logging in) for over 3 weeks. The access will simply not be there. Just restart your Pogo device and that should take care of everything. Make sure you access your Pogo at least once a week to keep all the accesses available. 

Overall, this is a great product. It is super easy to use via a myriad of devices (iPad, Android, iPhone, computer). 

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