Saturday, April 07, 2012

Food Review: Higgins & Burke Green Tea

I drink tea frequently and obsessively. At a minimum I drink 3 cups of tea per day and I prefer loose leaf tea over tea bags. In the mornings I opt for tea bags for efficiency and time. My morning teas alternate between Green Tea, English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Black Tea. As such, I am always tasting and trying new teas, especially the green tea variety. When I saw this tea offered, I jumped at the chance to get it. I was highly disappointed.

First, the taste is rather bland and weak. There is barely any flavor. I had a cup of tea whilst taking to a friend and during our conversation I noticed that I had finished the tea but had no memory of its flavors or qualities. I had no idea what I had drunk! It was the equivalent of drinking water. The only thing that comes across is hot water and some lemongrass flavor (see below re lemongrass). None of the green tea leaves flavor comes out. I opened up a tea bag and noticed that the leaves mix is rather powdery (no wonder there is barely any taste).

Several reviewers (and the description) have mentioned that this tea has a lemon grass taste. Lemon grass is not something I use a lot but, thankfully, I had some lemon grass in my pantry. I tried it and ...the reviewers are very right. This tea has some lemon grass undertones.

If you are looking for an very affordable and good tasting tea (in tea bag form), try Stash or even Lipton Pyramid Tea Bags. Something other than this.

Overall, this is a pass.

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