Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Book Review: Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Every Other DayEvery Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kali D’Angelo is not normal. Well...let me rephrase. She is a normal human being every other day and something else the other days. Every other day she becomes a hunter of the preternatural, the zombies, the hellhounds. She becomes a sort of being that does not feel pain, does not get tired, heals fast and is virtually indestructible. She is at a new school and during one of her human days she discovers a girl is marked for death. She must race to save her whilst she is stuck on her human days.

The first 20 pages of this book were a drag. I could barely get through them and then BOOM! All action and plot went haywire. The book started out all action and then we moved in to plot development and that is when I became invested in the book. This was a good book. Really! It was good! It was exciting, it was interesting, it was engaging. The story had a good and interesting premise: a girl that is human one day and something else the other. The preternatural is part of the daily life and some are even considered endangered species.

The writing is good and engaging. The book has a lot of action and it keeps things moving. It is a super fast read (read in 2 days) and it keeps you entertained. The book does have some issues with the description of action scenes. i sometimes found myself a bit lost and having to reread certain scenes to clearly understand what happened.

One problem with this book was the qualification of what Kali is....it just does not make sense...not a little bit. Either the author has to revisit our cultural definition of the term (don’t want to say due to spoilers) or she she to relate it a bit more. I hope the next book in the series explores the backstory and explanation of Kali’s species a lot more.

Overall, a really good book. Worth a read, especially if you like some of her other books.

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