Sunday, February 05, 2012

Gadget Review: Motorola ELITE SLIVER Bluetooth Headset

Elite Silver: 3/5

I miss my Jabra Stone. I used a JabraSTONE before this Motorola Bluetooth. Even though that Jabra Stone is about 3 years older than this current Motorola Sliver, the Jabra Stone wins hands down. In this review I will compare both.

This Bluetooth is super easy to pair and use. You can simply tap your phone and the Motorola Charger and you are done. I did the regular pairing with the code and it was simple as well.

The fit and design of the Jabra Stone is excellent. It fits snuggly and has a slick design that was not cumbersome. In contrast, this Motorola Blue tooth is too big for my ears (average sized ears) and it cannot be adjusted. The design is clunky and heavy on your ear. Because of the weight and fit, the bluetooth has often fallen or slipped off my ear. Even during action as simple as taking off my coat.

Talk Features
It about the worst I have used. For several minutes I tried to "Call Mom" or "Text Mom" and other simple commands and the Bluetooth was not able to pick up a single one. Instead, it directed my phone to call people I had not spoken to in years. It was very embarrassing. Moreover, if you have even the slightest accent, this feature is even worse at picking up what you say.

Charge/Talk Time
This is the only good thing about this Bluetooth. It holds a 5 hour talk time charge and has a carrier that recharges your phone, even when not plugged in. The battery will last you forever.


I regret my decision to get rid of my Jabra Stone. I want it back. I will still use this Motorola Bluetooth but only until something better comes along.

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