Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Logitech Joystick for iPad and iPad2

This is the Logitech Joystick for iPad.

This is a pretty simple, yet ingenious little gadget. It is a joystick constructed out of plastic that aligns with the controls in your iPad. The joystick attaches via suction cups on the screen of the iPad. You need to make sure to attach it right over where the controls should go. The suction cups mostly stay in place...although they have slipped off in the middle of playing. I find this quite helpful when playing games as I prefer using the joystick as a guide rather than the screen itself. The materials...well yeah, they look a bit flimsy and I don't think this is a very durable product, especially for over energetic gamers. This won't work for all games, only those with the directional controls on the side. And even then, it works better for some games than others. I used it to play Zombie Crisis 2 and other games and it performed quite well. Overall, this is not a bad product if it is at a decent price (as in cheap) or if it were a 2 pack. I found it very useful and prefer playing with it than with the screen's directional buttons.

Although...I have to say this device looks strangely similar (read: pretty much the same) as the lower priced Ten One Design Fling Game Controller. You can get a two pack for the same price as one Logitech. 

Let's compare the two. Can you tell which is which? Don't look at the brand!

Hmmmm...........yeah...I see the difference...the brand and color. Yeah...very ingenious of your Logitech. 

* I received this item from Amazon Vine for the purposes of a review. 

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