Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dead of Night, by Jonathan Maberry

Dead of Night: A Zombie NovelDead of Night: A Zombie Novel by Jonathan Maberry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dez and JT are small town cops. Dez is a self-destructive and self-loathing military veteran in her 30s and JT is a tall black man in his 40s or 50s. They have a dynamic that works. But, that dynamic, and everything else, is put to the test when their little small Pennsylvania town is run over by zombies. Now it is up to them to try to save the few people that are stil really alive from the zombies and from the military as well.

‘Dead of Night’ is a pretty good book. It had a nice pace and great action. Jonathan Maberry is great at visual narration. His descriptions enable you to visually envision the action. He is also great at delving deep into the psyche of his characters. He wants you to really know them and care for them. Sadly, in this case, I cared little for Dez. She was unlikable at her best and impossible to tolerate at her worst. Moreover, Maberry repeated 100 zillion times that she was “damaged goods”. Every single character repeated it at least twice (along with the fact that she had “a nice rack”) and she also acknowledged it a few times. Twice was enough.

My other gripe with the book is that there are so many characters. Maberry loves to tell the story from several points of view. But, after introducing the President, the generals, the captains, lieutenants and privates and cops and radio people and everyone in town....well, let’s just say I had a hard time keeping them straight.

This is a very good book in terms of zombies. Great action, visual narration and a nice spin on the zombie story. There were just a few things that bothered me, as I mentioned above. Overall, it was quite enjoyable.

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