Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The 2011 Fall TV Season: Ringer

The Fall TV Season

I have reviewed new seasons on other sites, it's time to bring the reviews to my blog. I usually watch a good number of the new TV shows. Not all, but a good number. 

Let's start with Ringer.


Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nestor Carbonell and other people.

Premise: Twin Bridget (alcoholic and on the run from witness protection due to a crime she witnessed) takes over the life of Twin Shioban (a NY socialite with just as many issues as Bridget) when Bridget thinks Shioban committed suicide. 

This is supposed to me a film noir, soap-opera drama. Lots of drama and flawed characters. The show was ok...I guess. I really could not pay much attention to it after it filmed an entire scene over the back splash of an ocean. It reminded me of Lemony Snicket's cinematography. But that was better. Ringer seems to have spent all of its budget on talent and left none for filming.

Jueliet, Shioban's step daughter, is played by Zoey Deutch. Worst acting of the show. Enough said. Nestor Carbonell is, as always, ... yummy. Oh yeah, and the acting is good.

The show did a good job of presenting the basic premise and left some good issues left to explore. But, I can count them with my right hand. The show needs just a tad more.

I really like Sarah Michelle Gellar, so I am giving this show another episode. I will decide then whether it is a keep.

Verdict: Watch 1 more and see. Just because it has SMG.

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