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Tempted, by Kristin and P.C. Cast

Tempted (House of Night, #6)Tempted by P.C. Cast

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I laughed, I cried, I prayed and I prayed again. And the end...left me aghast.

The House of Night series is truly and honestly completely addictive. As a series, it offers a spellbinding story about Zoey Redbird a vampire fledgling that has been touched by the Goddess Nyx and must battle evil alongside her friends. `Tempted' was a great transition book because, albeit nothing much actually happened, some critical events took place to move the story forward. This book deals with Zoey and the gang deciding to go back to the House of Night and trying to figure out how to deal with and defeat Kalona and Neferet. Also, Zoey knows Stevie Ray is hiding something and she struggles to trust her best friend. There was also the necessary boyfriend drama and some of the aftermath after the battle with Kalona and Neferet.

The structure in this volume was different, as it offered the points of view of characters other than Zoey: Stevie Ray, Aphrodite, Stark, Heath, Rephaim, and of course Zoey. So many points of view were unnecessary, albeit interesting. It truly made the story more whole and let use truly get to know the other characters. It did become repetitive and in future volumes I hope to see only two points of view: that of Zoey and Stevie Ray, as they seem the plot driving forces behind the novels. Moreover, Stevie Ray's points of view proved invaluable in her story as it let us learn many things about her.

The prose and vocabulary used in this book is what makes me *heart* it so much! It is just so funny and interesting. This book will have you laughing out loud.

Nothing much really happened in the plot itself and it takes place in the span of about 3 days, like the previous book, Hunted. But what does happen proves to be rather critical to the progression of the storyline. I think this book set many things in motion that will have grave repercussions. And again...the end...there are no words that can console me. As soon as I realized where the story was headed I had a horrible feeling in my gut and I prayed against hope, it did not end that way.

A few things were missing from this book (apart from the next volume in the series!). I missed the gang itself. There was little interaction between them, and even between the Twins! I can't help but think that this was the byproduct of having so many points of view; something that to be sacrificed and it ended up being the interactions between the characters. There was a long of introspection but not a lot of communication.

In conclusion, the series is superb. It is truly a funny and engrossing series. This book, specifically, will leave you praying that May 2010 (when the next book, Burned, comes out) was already here.

*P.S. This is probably the last good on the series. The review above is when the series was still good.

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