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The Story of Our People, by David Hillstrom

The Story of Our People

The Story of Our People by David Hillstrom

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"The Story of our people" by David Hillstrom is a self-published beautiful story about a post-war world. The poetry/narration book is about a exiled survivors. They are enduring and moving towards safety and hopefully, reconstruction and civilization. The book includes narration and poetry as it's main genres as it attempts to tell the story the creation of the new civilization.

The book opens with a grandmother telling the story of their people and their survival to a group of children. The story centers around a welder, a poet and a woman as symbols and gateways of the rebirth of this civilization.

The story first describes the lives of the welder, poet and the woman and then unfolds by through the narration of the conflict. The lives of the three main characters is personified in poetry and each word gives each character a reason to move forward. Each character is also woven into the storyline which becomes essential to the future. The welder leads the survivors of this war through safety. The poet becomes a martyr as he tries to decry the conflicts and injustices of society and raise awareness and from the woman, ever so symbol of the earth and of rebirth, a new civilization is born.

The book explores several issues such as atheism, humanity, social responsibility, war, survival and endurance. The book exemplifies the idea of the future, as the children, moving forward towards safety and civilization, learn form the past and from their history.

The book is not only lyrical and beautifully written, it is also very simple and easy to read and understand. This is a great work of art and an amazing tale about humanity.

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