Thursday, July 07, 2011

Los Hombres Sobran, by Ezequiel Tambornini

Los Hombres Sobran (Spanish Edition)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Los Hombres Sobran, by Ezequiel Tambornini, proposes a very interesting premise. Society is solely composed of women and only women are free. Men are housed (jailed) in farms (genetic farms) and where they spend their entire lives to serve one purpose: produce sperm to impregnate women. They are fed, kept in optimal shape and intellect to further positive genetic intellectual, and physical traits. But, they are never let out and they do not form part of society, at all.

The story revolves around R 154, a male specimen reaching his serviceable life (which is around age 30 or so) and Alexia, an official at the “men farm”. Alexia risks her job, reputation, and life, when she decides to “kidnap or rescue” (take your pick) R 154 and use him as her own personal, well, man.

But, things become complicated as R 154 discovers all he has learned about the world is a lie. As Alexia explains the truth, as she knows, to R 154, her own world and beliefs are shaken as she begins to question everything, including her own history.

The author wrote the beginning of book in a very scientific way. The entire beginning felt like a college text book of anatomy. Then, as it progressed, doubt, humanity and emotions entered into the book through the writing. Tamborini sometimes overindulges in long sentences which made my eyes glaze over. But, overall, this is a pretty decently written book. The book did take a while to get to the plot and the author spent a lot of time and pages introducing the characters.

I definitely recommend this book. It not only has an interesting premise but, it challenges us to entertain some very interesting ideas about humanity, and women in general.

*I received a copy of this book, free, from the author for the purpose of this review. The review is in English at the request of the author.

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