Saturday, July 02, 2011

Review: I wanna be your shoebox, by Cristina Garcia

I Wanna Be Your Shoebox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars 
"I wanna be your shoebox" is a wonderful book. The plot revolves around Yumi Ruiz-Hirsh, a twelve year olf that is half Cuban, quarter Jewish, quarter Japanese and some Guatemalan thrown in there. She is a surfer, plays the clarinet, loves Mozart, the Ramones and punk music and lives in California. Needless to say, she has an interesting background. Her parents are divorced and her mom is a somewhat famous writer and her father plays in a band and tunes piano as a side job.

Yumi visits her grandparents every week, Saul and Hiroko. When Yumi learns that Saul is dying from cancer (at 92) she insists he tells her his life's story. Through these tales they strengthen their relationship and Yumi learns important life lessons.

Yumi and her classmates must also fight to raise money for their music program which was canceled because the school could not afford it.

The book is very well written and is a great story about an interesting girl dealing with the impending death of her grandfather, her mother's new boyfriend, school and all the things associated with teenage life. Yumi is quite mature (for her age) and although she behaves like a teenager and has some teenage angst, Cristina Garcia gave her quite the interesting voice (in the narrative). It was a refreshing book to read. It was simple, exceptionally written and quite the enjoyable read. This is a book for all ages, and people of all ages will enjoy it. 

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