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Frozen Pancakes and Fake Lashes, by G. Pearl Mak

Frozen Pancakes and Fake Lashes: One imperfect woman's quest for peace, balance ... and maternal mojo

Frozen Pancakes and Fake Lashes: One imperfect woman's quest for peace, balance ... and maternal mojo
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Let me be the voice of dissent here and say the books is not THAT good. Yes, it is entertaining, a beach read, and ok, but it is nothing more than that. The book, written by G. Pearl Mak, is about Angela, an attorney working for what I assume is a high powered law firm. She works a minimum of 60 hours a week, is married to a nice guy starting up a software company (thus maintaining him) and does not have a care in the world, except work that is, where she is on the fast track to being a partner at her law firm. But then, Angela finds herself pregnant and freaking out about the prospect of being a mother. Having a child she doesn't really want, scared about the effects of her pregnancy at work and noticing the effects on her marriage and her body, Angela is confronting quite a bit of stress. Understandably so.

Regardless of the potentially good story (I honestly saw a lot of potential here), this book and its plot remain a cliché. Not only are the situations and the plot something recycled from several other books in the chic lit genre, the writing itself uses cliché phrases and non-original writing. The writing remained simple, no literary breakthroughs here (the perfect beach read). But this book merely seemed like many other books I have read in terms of writing. The books is quite the fast read and quite easy to read due to the simple writing style. What annoyed me the most was the writer's tendency to go into every single tangent imaginable. The writer would often move on to a tangential subject to explain something. That is ok, normally. The problem here is that she remained in the tangent subject for too long, pages sometimes. This made the book a bit boring and she usually diverted us from what was actually going on and it was hard to get back to the main plotline.

The main character remained throughout the book nothing less than whiny; it was annoying to read her constant whining about every single thing for all 380 pages. Her evolution into motherhood was a bit questionable and more questionable even were her decisions at the end. [SPOILER: Honestly, did she have to give it up; there were other options such as a part time track for lawyers that want it. Yes, it IS an option. END SPOILER]. 

I was rather disappointed by the character, not necessarily her decisions. I think the character herself compromised herself too much and resembled nothing of the character we are presented with at the beginning.

Everything the main character goes through is something women can relate to: motherhood, being a wife, the effect of motherhood on work, jealousy, losing yourself, the hectic work schedule, etc. The problem here I find, is that although relatable, the book was just a big cliché. It was just like any other book.

Although I found the book a bit funny and entertaining for a bit, I was disappointed by the end and the general writing of this book. I was not expecting much yet, I was disappointed by what I read. This is nothing more than a book you read at the beach when you are looking for something quick and not that complicated. 

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