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Author Interview: Jim Bernheimer

  • I recently read a few of Jim Bernheimer's books. They are pretty good and I highly recommend them if you are looking for light sci-fi reads. 

  • Jim is a very responsive author and he put up with my incessant e-mails and granted me and interview request. 

    1. Jim, I recently read your books HHH and Confessions and I really liked them. What other books have you written?

    2. Through Gryphonwood Press I have the Dead Eye and the Spirals of Destiny Series.  The second Dead Eye novel (The Skinwalker Conspiracies) should be ready for an August release.  From my own imprint, I have HHH2 - New Faces of Fantasy.  It's an anthology in which I have 1 story, but serve as the editor and publisher for.  It was great giving other first time authors a chance to get their works out there.

      Did you write HHH over a long period of time?

      The stories for HHH came over the span of abot 18 months. Reality Bites was my first ever sale (to Norm Sherman's Drabblecast), so it has a special place in my heart.

      Which is your favorite story in HHH?

      My favorite story is probably the zany D&D spoof - Adventurers Beware! I wrote a version of it back in the 90's, but recreated it when I could no longer find that version.

      What inspired you to write Confessions?

      Confessions was originally a 5 chapter novella in HHH.  All the feedback that HHH received said how it should be expanded into a full novel.  It just went wild from there.  I've been really impressed with the sales so far.  If I continue like this, I'll have sold over 1000 copies by the end of August which is pretty darn good for a small/indy press offering that has only been out since April.

        Do you identify with any of your characters?

        I identify with some aspects of my characters, but not every aspect. I don't really do the whole "self insertion" thing. I like to give the character's quirks. Mike Ross (from the Dead Eye series) is fanatic about his workout regimen. I could only wish that! Cal Stringel obsesses about his gadgets and is an ubergeek. Majherri is a battle scarred and slightly jaded unicorn. Giving characters, even the fantastical ones, attributes that us real life people can identify with really helps to bring them to life.

        You self-published all of your books. How did you find the process and what tips do you have for authors looking to self-publish?

        Actually Gryphonwood Press is the publisher for my Spirals of Destiny and Dead Eye novels, so I'm more of a mixture of a person that writes for an Indy press and also publishes his other works.  I have my own EJB imprint, which I hope to gradually expand the Horror, Humor, and Heroes line and the future novels from the Confessions of a D-List Supervillain universe (along with a bunch of other ideas).  As for the process, it is very educational and I've learned quite a bit (made a few errors along the way too).  Bringing a book to market is a lengthy process and writing/editing/rewriting is just one facet of it.  There's the whole layout and working with cover artists and the marketing/distribution side that requires a large investment of time and effort if you want a chance to succeed.  My advice for someone investigating this is to do your research, go to places where Indy authors congregate (like Kindleboards) and see what they do.  The community is very supportive and you can generally get your questions answered by someone who has already "been there - done that."

        Who is (are) your favorite author(s)? And/or inspirations?

        I'm a big Robert Heinlein fanboy.  My tendency is to write from the first person perspective, though I also write in third person and even the rarely used second person.  Anyway, first person is where I'm most comfortable and Heinlein excelled at this in stories like Starship Troopers, Glory Road, and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.  There's a little known trilogy by author CT Westcott that is hands down my favorite.  The first book is called Silver Wings and Leather Jackets.  His main character is the consummate anti-hero and his Eagleheart trilogy is something I try to reread once a year.

        What is next for you? New books, etc...

        Confessions of a D-List Supervillain could be available as an audiobook by the time this is posted.  I'm very excited about tapping into that whole market.  It is narrated by Jeffrey Kafer from who partnered with me to bring it to that format.  Dead Eye 2: The Skinwalker Conspiracies is in final edits and should be released before summer ends.  I'm also just starting to work on the next HHH anthology which will be Horror, Humor, and Heroes Volume 3 - New Faces of Science Fiction.  That should be ready around Halloween.  After that, I have to get cracking on Spirals of Destiny Book Two.

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        Books by Jim Bernheimer

        Horror, Humor, And HeroesConfessions of a D-List SupervillainDead Eye: Pennies for the FerrymanRider: Spirals of Destiny: Book 1Horror, Humor, and Heroes Volume 2: New Faces of Fantasy

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