Monday, June 13, 2011

And it continues, CT closed to more businesses: PC Connection Express

Dear Charleen,

We regret to inform you that your affiliate relationship with PC Connection Express has been deactivated by the advertiser.

This action is not necessarily a reflection of the quality or value of your Web site. Each PC Connection advertiser controls the number and type of publishers in their affiliate marketing program. They also have the option to make changes, which may warrant removal of some publishers.

There is legislation, which has recently passed that may impact online sales tax requirements associated with sales agents based in Connecticut. As a precaution, PC Connection Express is temporarily ceasing affiliate relationships with any affiliates (active or inactive) within the State of Connecticut. 

You will be notified if the situation in Connecticut is resolved and if PC Connection Express makes a final decision regarding relationships with Connecticut based publishers.

Please remove any creative or links you are hosting on your Web site for the PC Connection Express affiliate program at your earliest convenience.



PC Connect ion Express 

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