Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When Authors ... Behave

When Authors Mis... Behave

The internet and popular review sites have exposed us to authors who, in simple words, rage when presented for a critical or negative review. There are many many tales online about authors going off the deep end and going as far as swearing and insulting reviewers. We all remember Jacqueline Howett's tirade in response to a negative review. That blog post went viral. Jaqueline Howett comments was pure and simple "raging".

Thus, it is refreshing to find an author, Penelope Fletcher, that, even when her book gets slammed (by me), has the courtesy of 1. thanking me for my review 2. respectfully disagreeing, AND 3. taking criticism into consideration.

As I mentioned in my review of the e-book Demon Girl, I really did not like the book. And whilst normally I would have given it 1 star, I gave it 2 because I had read other reviews where the Ms. Fletcher was behaving so cordially and agreeable in response to negative reviews, that I just felt bad. Click below to see the exchange. Also check other reviews and her comments.

Thank you Penelope Fletcher for reminding us there are still non-raging authors out there.

And now... a little piece of YouTube about Jacqueline Howett. This is PRICELESS:

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