Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tech Review: Visioneer Strobe XP 220 Scanner

Visioneer Strobe XP 220 600 DPI Scanner (SXP2205D-WU)Visioneer Strobe XP 220 Scanner: It's Craptastic!

The scanner I used in 1999 is better and easier to install than the Strobe XP 220.

Installation Process from hell
The installation process was a nightmare. Brought me back memories from hardware installations dating back to 1999, nay...1997. The scanner is connected through chunky Y cable; Y split from the power adapter for USB connection to the computer and connection to the scanner. It was cumbersome and annoying. The cable is heavier than the scanner itself and often made it tilt under the weight of it. The scanner took hours to install, 2 CDs, adding tons of bloated software to my computer and my waning patience finally snapping. After all of that, the scanner refused to work. I had no idea whether it was on since the designers of this product deemed an ON switch or light was not necessary. I left the Strobe-craptastic-scanner for another day.

Getting it to work
A week later I returned to the task of trying to make the crap-scanner work. It will work this time, sure it will, I mused trying to fool myself into wasting more time on scanner-fail. I connected the scanner to the computer and waited for my computer to recognize it. And I waited...and waited...and kept waiting. Since there is no ON button or nice green light to let me know whether this crapshoot was even on, I went onto prodding and clicking any and all buttons McCrappy had. Alas, there was only one greay button at the side. I pressed. Nothing. Pressed again. Nothing. Pressed and Held. Nada.

Finally, as if by some miracle, my computer recognized it and told me to calibrated. I hastened with a semi-victorious hope (maybe this will work!) and inserted the calibration page and waited...waited some more. Page aligned with the arrows? Check. Is the Crap-scanner on? No way to check. Grey button? Pressed. Nada. Check another electric plug? Nothing. Restarting the computer? Nothing worked. Finally, after the 10th unplug/plug back in of the cables...it worked!!!!

So, I quickly calibrated, before it decided to bail out on me again. Then I put in a test page for scanning. FAIL.

It has an unfriendly interface. Full of useless stuff and meager setting options.

Black and White scanning
The text was clear but lopsided. A LOT. I calibrated again. Lopsided again. Calibrated again and still lopsided. Black and white photo scanning had terrible quality.

Actual sample of scanning. It was supposed to be a black and white picture. The colors were more pronounced than this. It came out with a bluish tint to the picture.

Color Scanning
Let me laugh a bit here as I review the "color" scanning. Yes, there was color and there was scanning. Scanning the photo it looked like a pictured taken with a 1 MegaPixel camera, the ones you would find 10 years ago then scanned by a scanner of also 10 years ago. There were vertical lines running through the picture scan. It was bloody awful. Yes, I did scan on picture mode and played around with the settings to try to make It better. I checked the settings, the highest resolution was 600 dpi! (See shared pictures above.)

This was a color scan of a flyer.
I do not know where the dark smudged came from.

Color scan of a picture.
The original picture was a lot brighter than this.


Bloody awful crap-tastic scanner. :D

Buy if you like to suffer.

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