Monday, May 23, 2011

So, how did you spend Judgment Day?

Well May 21st, 2011 was heralded as Judgment say, Day of Rapture, etc... But, it came and went, and the guy who predicted is flabbergasted at the fact that it did not happen. My favorite quote of a recent article article by Liz Goodwin is:

"Camping's PR aide, Tom Evans, told the LA Timesthat the group is "disappointed" that 200,000 true believers weren't lifted up to heaven on Saturday while everyone else suffered and eventually died as a series of earthquakes and famine destroyed the Earth."

How I love the facetiousness. The writer goes on to detail some pretty depressing things people did. 
Keith Bauer, a 38-year-old tractor trailer driver, took a road trip with his family to see the world's sights before it ended. "With maxed-out credit cards and a growing mountain of bills, he said, the rapture would have been a relief," the paper writes. But Bauer is not angry at Camping for his false prediction. "Worst-case scenario for me, I got to see the country," he told the paper. "If I should be angry at anybody, it should be me." 
Well, yes sir, you should be. I am glad you got to spend time with your family, something you should do every day and not on the eve of the apocalypse. But, JUST in case the world didn't end, do you think it was wise to max out credit cards and leave your family in a financially tight spot? 

Robert Fitzpatrick, who spent $140,000 of his life savings to advertise the Rapture in New York, said he was dumbfounded when life went on as usual Saturday. "I do not understand why ...," he told Reuters while awaiting the event in Times Square. "I do not understand why nothing has happened."

Well, I do! It's called math. Assuming*** the world will end (this is a HUGE IF), a good number prediction points to 2012, but for this one guy's, Harold Camping. A man that has a pretty bad track record, having already failed at predicting Judgment day twice now (first in 1994 then 2011). 

And then -_-
"One man, his voice quavering, said he was still holding out hope that they were one day off. Another believer asserted that their prayers worked: God delayed judgment so that more people could be saved, but the end is 'imminent,' " she reported.
Really? WHY OH WHY are you holding out hope that the world will end??? Jeez, a masochist if I ever saw one.

A glimmer of hope for those who follow Mr. Predict-it-wrong-2x?
Evans, Camping's PR aide, told NPR he hopes Family Radio will reimburse followers who spent their savings in anticipation of the Rapture, but that he can't guarantee it.
I am indeed not tolerant of assertions such as this that could have disastrous consequences. Heaven's Gate anyone? It is irresponsible.

But, let's talk about how I spent Judgment Day!
  1. Well, I started my day going to the gym. I know, I know. The gym? Is that really what I want to do on my last day? Well, of course! I wanna be fit in case there is a race to the finish line or something. 
  2. I went to the post office. Just in case the world didn't end, I had to make sure a package got to its destination.
  3. I went grocery shopping. I wanted some lemons and fish. I wanted to have a good last meal. Flounder sound ok?
  4. I spent the afternoon reading. Pretty low key. I wanted to finish my book before the world ended. 
So, how did you spend Judgment Day? :D

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