Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Plagues that would end the world

I had heavily invested thinking time in preparing for the plague that I thought would end the world: zombies. I was making mental preparations that including procuring a katana, weapons,  non-perishable foods, and, of course, The Zombie Survival Guide.  Even the CDC has issued warnings for this catastrophic plague.

But, seems we have been fooling ourselves. If this weekend is any indication (and my legs as proof), the mosquitoes are the plague that will kill us all. They are already guilty of spreading all sorts of diseases: dengue, malaria, yellow fever, West Nile virus and so on.

After spending the weekend outside, I am the proud, and itchy, recipient of several mosquito bites. I counted 3 in the lower half of my leg and stopped, I did not want to concentrate on those damned bites! There were more in my right leg and both arms.

There is a serious threat here. What can we do to prepare? A zombie cannot get in through small ventilation spaces, a mosquito can. It can lurk where you least expect it. Of course, some of us are doomed to attract mosquitoes more than others. And some produce chemicals that deter mosquitoes from biting them. [Insert angry smiley here].

As the summer season comes, be careful and get a mosquito zapper.

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