Saturday, May 07, 2011

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

"Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work" is an intimate look at a year of Joan Rivers life. The documentary is filled with her humor and great jokes but, we also get to see a fascinating and raw portrayal of Joan Rivers. I was truly fascinating by this honest and real as she bares it all, her truths, her insecurities, her humor and her life. The filmmakers follow her around for a year going through the lows and highs with her, catching her when she is at her most vulnerable and she is nothing but welcoming. The documentary shows the hard working, brilliantly funny and crass she is. It is a well done documentary with excellent timing, like Rivers herself. I laughed and felt for her and then I rallied and laughed some more.

All Joan Rivers is to make you laugh, to work and, of course, to get paid. She wants to live her lifestyle and she will work for it. She will laugh at herself, at you and with you. As with Rivers, no taboo subject was left untouched by the filmmakers. Her husbands suicide, surgery, relationship with her daughter, work or lack thereof were all discussed, and then some.

This is a brilliantly filmed documentary with its subject, Rivers, at her usual raw and real self. Must see. If you weren't a fan of Rivers before, you will be after this. Or, at least, you'd like her a little bit more.

For a really good review, check out Roger Ebert's site.

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