Friday, May 13, 2011

Games: MONOPOLY Revolution

MONOPOLY Revolution

I prefer the old monopoly
Oh Monopoly, such good times lasting 100000 hours. So, they tried to revolutionize Monopoly a bit. Here is the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good:
Electronic device that allows you to use Debit Cards instead of Money. The game unit has music which makes the game a bit more fun. Meh. The new rules make the game move a little faster. Now, when you land in a space you have two options, buy or auction it. This will, at least, take 1 hour out of the game.

Original board vs. New board.

The Bad:

No more Free Parking money. But, my friends and I made a rule that anyone that landed in Free Parking will get an X amount of money. The game unit will make it a bit harder to keep track of your money, since you can't see it. So, much like real life, when you buy, buy and buy without noticing your depleting bank account.

Two almost-see-through dice with silver colored-dots. This is a face palm moment. The dots are hard to distinguish in low light and sometimes, even good lighting. We just got new dice and threw these ones away. They are worthless.

The Ugly:
Boring game pieces, they are all the same shape with some crappy images on them. I like actual and singular game pieces. They are more fun.

Very little educational value. No more real money you can touch and count. This game no longer teaches kids how to count and keep track of money. Wasn't that one of the objectives of the game? Now, it just teaches them how to use a debit card and barely keep track of their money.

Other games have been able to better update. For example, I like the new version of the The Game of Life Twists & Turns. Not so for Monopoly. I think I will go back to my old monopoly. The more I think about this Monopoly, the more faults I find with it. My friends were thoroughly bored with this version and pleaded to get an old Monopoly.

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