Friday, May 20, 2011

Book Review: The Slippery Year

The Slippery Year: A Meditation on Happily Ever After

The Slippery Year by Melanie Gideon

The book was a semi-entertaining memoir of the year Melanie experiences a sort of "transformation". The problem is that whilst we are privy of all her complaints, negativity and self-doubt, I never quite see her changing or developing, there is no process. In the last chapter, she just, poof, epiphany.

The book has some witty moments and funny situations. It is well written and many will empathize and relate to the author.

Reviewer T. Sullivan explained my feelings about this book best: 

"...while reading it, I felt like I was having a light conversation over lunch with my most self-centered, neurotic girlfriend who leads a charmed life, but who incessantly uses sarcasm to complain about her issues, which don't rank as issues in most people's lives at all (like having her husband write her romantic texts every morning that she never responds to and instantly deletes)." 

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