Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review: Low Red Moon

Low Red Moon

Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

I really did not like Low Red Moon.

A girl, mourning her parents' vicious murder must race to discover who is behind them because her life is in danger. 

This is mostly a mourning and coping narrative. Huge chunks of plot seem too convenient and others unnecessary. The werewolf part of the story is rather asinine and really didn't belong there. The story could have been told without it.

The dialogue and narrative echoed a cheesy romance story. To paraphrase: "He sensed me. It had always been like that between us." The always amounted to all of 1 week since these two had known each other. The romance between the two main characters is okayish at best, and I am being kind. The book seems to suffer from Death of Courtship Syndrome, as explained in the linked post. 

The entire narrative seemed to be missing some transitional plot. It was jumpy and unguided. It was also vague about its own mythology (the supernatural and how it exists in that world). The ability of the main character is never explained and mentions of it are conveniently wishy washy. 

I really did not like this book. If there is a second installment of this, I will not be reading it. 

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