Saturday, May 21, 2011

Book Review: Claire de Lune

Claire de Lune

Claire de Lune 

by Christine Johnson

I was rather surprised by "Claire de Lune". I was not expecting much from the book, but it surprised me. The story was interesting and somewhat addictive. Just how I like them.

On her 16th birthday, Claire learns she is a werewolf. This happened at the worst time, just when Matthew, the guy she likes, starts showing interest in her. Then, things get worse as people start getting killed by werewolves (yes, this is a world here werewolves exist and people know about them). Now, Claire has to deal with her new found secret, being a werewolf and finding out who is murdering people. To make matters worse, Matthew's father is on the hunt for werewolves to try out his "cure".

This was a very good read. I could not put the book down. The book was a bit predictable and lacks a bit in character development. Regardless, it was very interesting and well written. 

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