Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tax Deductions for Professionals

Tax Deductions for Professionals

This is a very useful guide for new and old professionals that fill out their own tax returns and want to maximize their deductions. It is also specially helpful to those that want to clarify some doubts about what you can claim in your tax returns. If you are a new professional, this guide will specially be helpful to you.

This guide is help of useful information and often provides profession specific guidance. For example, I am a lawyer. As such, a few years ago I had to pay ridiculous amounts of money on bar exam fees; they are not tax deductible. I already knew this, but it helped seeing it on paper again. (It actually felt like a stab in the chest, but whatever).

The Nolo guide is very well written. It explains in a simple, yet thorough, manner some basic knowledge about taxes for professionals. This guide is a clear as they come and it is a great resource to have if you are starting out a new business.

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