Wednesday, April 27, 2011

e-Book: Demon Girl

The Demon Girl (The Rae Wilder Novels)

Demon Girl is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been clustered inside walled cities to guard against demons (vampires, witches, fairies, etc). Rae is a girl training to become a Cleric until one day she discovers she is a fairy. So, starts this book. The entire storyline takes place in 2 days but, oh boy! does a lot happen in 2 days. Rae is thrust into a war between 2 fairy factions, 2 love interests (the fairy named Breandan and the vampire named Tomas) and so on...

I found the idea of the story interesting. This book does have some potential IF some very big issues are addressed.
Grammar: If there was ever a book of an edit, this is the one. The grammatical errors, missing words, wrong words (at one point the author writes `right' when it should have been `wrong'), etc. made reading the book so distracting and frustrating that I could barely concentrate on the plot. I don't think I went 2 pages without encountering a mistake.

Character development: Characters are largely undeveloped and have no depth, even the main ones. For example, we get very little in terms of interaction between Rae and her best friend Alex, so the events of the end did not have any effect on me whatsoever. We didn't get to care about Alex at all. We learned little about her, and only through Rae's narration. Basically, that is the problem, we learned everything from the author telling us than from the character development.

Character interaction: I will make allowances for Rae's sudden trusting happy lovey dovey relationship with Breandan but, not with Tomas. We get no frame of reference, rhyme or reason as to why Rae is interacting with the vampire Tomas the way she is. From their first encounter to the second, there is a world of difference. I mean, talk about jumping the gun!

Basically, this is a story with potential if the author decides to review it and expand on the book, fix the errors and get a good editor. Also, am I missing a chapter between 9 and 10? :/ That was a BIG jump in events.

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