Thursday, March 03, 2011

Book review: Trapped

Trapped, written by Michael Northrop.


It has been a while since I have so involved into a book's plot. Whilst reading this book I doubled my time at the gym (in the bike) and went to sleep past my bed time one night.

The story revolves around a group of high school students caught in a terrifying Nor'easter. They are stranded at their high school with out heat, water or electricity. But, at least they have the Mystery Meat from the cafeteria! It is interesting to see how resourceful this group of kids is but how they are still wary about getting in trouble and breaking the rules. More interesting are the relationship between the social circles and the teenagers themselves. The introspective narrative is well developed and the narrator, Scotty Weems, provides insightful and believable narrative.

The author so well relayed the teenaged mentality that it made the character very relatable and believable. This is a rather quick book to read. It is very engaging and well written.

One of my problems with this book is that it ended right when the story was getting really good. The author could have well expanded this story and explored the ramifications of the events. The other issue is the development of the other characters. Whilst I think Scotty Weems, the narrator, was well developed, some characters were marginalized and left to their stereotypes. Even the rebuttal of the stereotypes was stereotypical. Also, why didn't they check the rest of the school for resources? Chemistry Lab, lockers, other places for batteries, etc… I cannot, in all honesty, believe all they found in a school were a few blankets and a radio. Second day stranded in I would have opened every locker in that school. But hey, that's just me

Still, this is a rather amazing book, considering the length. It was really good.

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