Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kindle e-book: Aphrodite's Kiss

Aphrodite's Kiss

The book is about Zoe Smith, a superhero. Really! She has X-Ray vision, super senses that make her lose her mind at the taste of chocolate and many other powers. She is about to take her tests for becoming a full fledged superhero but, something stands in her way. Telling her mom about her powers, which is really hard since that's the reason she left Zoe's father, and her pesky cousin Mordichai who is really messing with her. She also has to deal with a hunky PI and makes her, literally, go into hyperdrive all over.

To say that there are some grammar errors would be a great understatement. The book definitely need some serious editing. There were grammar errors every few pages. It was very distracting. I found myself wishing for a wikipedia-type scenario so I could edit the book. The book is also very contracting in terms of plot, character's personality and keeping the superpowers straight. Seriously, she can do it all. But, this was such a guilty pleasure to read. It was thoroughly entertaining to read this short book.

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